Endangered Sounds

In this podcast (released June 20, 2007), Smithsonian Folkways Director and Curator Dan Sheehy talks about “endangered sounds,” sounds we lose from changing technologies or encroaching globalisation, including musical traditions. Dan reports on what Smithsonian Folkways Recordings is doing to preserve these sounds through their recordings.

Podcast: Endangered Sounds
Talking Music: Lectures and Conversations on Music, Archives, and Technology
by Smithsonian Folkways

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  1. What a great song .! I love reading the hisroty of Lead Belly’ life. Here is a man who had so many obstacles in his way, who lived hard. And yet within him are songs such as Irene , While he never really had an easy life, chance encounters and a little luck gave him the opportunity to rise above prison and a violent past to become a folk/blues icon.

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