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  1. Ladakh Festival 2013. Photo: Flickr / Dietmar Temps.
  2. Seckou Keita, electric kora player. Photo: Flickr / Marta Colpani.
  3. Kuikuro Indians (Brazil) play Taquara Flutes. Photo: Flickr / Wilfred Paulse.
  1. Aboriginal children at DanceSite in Alice Springs, Australia. Photo: Flickr / Rusty Stewart.
  2. Andean Musicians. Photo: Flickr / quinet.
  3. Gnawa group play krakebs. Photo: Flickr / Vince Millet

The project / The framework / The survey

  1. Junkanoo Festival, Bahamas in St Augustine. Photo: Flickr / DeusXFlorida
  2. Thai drum. Photo purchased from Shutterstock.
  3. Bachir Attar, master musician of Jajouka. Photo: Flickr / GanMed64.


  1. Image: Flickr / JonS.
  2. Image: Flickr / Jake Belluci
  3. Sergey Sadov plays sadora, Moscow. Photo: Flickr / Max Khokhlov